A couple years ago, before I had my first book printed, I made little minicomics of my first 60 pages to take to conventions.  I had an older cover for when I just had a mini for pages 1-30, but when I made a second one I needed newer, better covers, and I needed them tomorrow, so I stayed up all night cracking out two unique pieces of cover art.  Since I printed the minis at Staples and assembled them myself, I wanted to make the cover art unique and eye-catching, so it’d be like buying a little mini print along with the comic and hopefully make up part of my travel expenses going to this con or that.  I opted for a landscape-style cover on a tall book, so you could look at the art sideways but the title and interior pages were upright because I felt like it’d be more attractive to passers-by.  I never actually put the art for these things up for display anywhere, always keeping them minicomic-exclusive art pieces, but it’s been some time since I’ve needed any of those minis so I feel like I can share the art instead of letting it collect dust.  

These were the front covers, the back of mini #1 was black and the back of #2 was white. They were about 8.5x5.5” printed.  I put both pages up here so you can look at it on Tumblr!  That’s a little bit of unseen art from my archive folder, I’ll put some more up another time!

2 years ago

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